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Leadership Development Program – EMERGE

Newgen has introduced a Leadership Development Program – EMERGE, to identify and develop potential leaders. The objective of developing this is to:

  • Prepare leaders to take charge of challenges willingly and confidently
  • Empower leaders to have meaningful affiliation to business goals
  • Enable leaders to practice “customer-delight” orientation
  • Encourage collaboration among leaders that will cut across departmental and geographical boundaries
  • Career Development of leaders in alignment with their individual aspirations and organizational requirement

Newgen leaders are encouraged and enabled to participate and get involved in the organizational activities for their self development, organizational growth and overall benefit of the society. Their personal and professional goals are aligned with the organizational goals.

Leaders involve themselves in recognizing both teams’ and individuals’ efforts, at all levels within the organization in a timely and appropriate manner. Strategic initiatives by leaders keep motivation levels high, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity of the employees. Various rewards and recognition programs are carried out to support, felicitate and encourage the employees.

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