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Newgen employees do more than just “work”, they interact and participate in a community of incredibly diverse professionals. We try to create an environment where our Newgenites can grow and innovate in the most engaging way. Platforms such as our Women’s forum and Welfare Society (NEWS) give our employees immense opportunities to engage in collaborative discussions. Our steady social initiatives such as Sadbhavana and Sankalp provide our Newgenites a way to give back to society unconditionally. At Newgen we never stop looking for ways to make our employees happier and healthier.

EPID: Experience Pool –in Discussion
It is a forum designed to bring people in the leadership team together. This has provided a platform for leaders to discuss and communicate changes at all levels. It has helped us in making Newgen leaders confident, dynamic and innovative over the years .This forum strives to achieve its objective of:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved relationships between manager/supervisor and employees
  • Positive impact on employee retention
  • Increase in employees’ discretionary efforts
  • Higher degree of employee engagement aligned with the goals & objectives of the organization

Such broad changes are well executed through trainings, workshops, taskforces, role modeling and frequent mailers to the target audience. Monthly review meetings also take place to keep a track of what is being done and what extra is required.

Accomplish Collective Experience (ACE)
ACE has been introduced with the objective of involving people right down to the grass root level, in order to solve their day to day work related problems/issues. It provides an opportunity to drive these accomplishments throughout the organization. It also helps in efficient Employee Engagement company wide. It makes the employees responsible towards the most sought after changes that they like to see around them in the organization.

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