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Newgen Performance Assessment System

Newgen Performance Assessment system encourages, supports and empowers individuals & teams to create a culture of mutual dependence in achieving organizational and personal goals. It helps to assess performance through self and superior assessment and identify a career path by assigning the right and best fit job profiles. It is a platform to communicate inputs/suggestions and feedback to the management on various aspects of work environment, organizational culture and employees’ aspirations. It facilitates a mutual understanding between an employee and a superior on clarity related to goals/performance levels expected and achieved. It involves an assesee, an assessor and an HR Representative.

The focus here is on self-appraisal – It promotes responsibility towards work and the organization, and is aligned with our Vision and Mission. Benefits and purposes served by this system are:-

  • Substantiating our culture of participative style of management & transparency
  • Helping align individual and organizational objectives
  • Supporting performance planning at the junior most level
  • Serving as a forum for people to give inputs/suggestions on various aspects of work environment, organizational culture and individual aspirations
  • Offering a unique two-way communication channel
  • Being objective in nature, removing biases of Subjective evaluation
  • Allowing to set measurable targets for self
  • Providing a Platform for potential skill mapping
  • Promoting a culture of performance and merit
  • Creating a quarterly feedback mechanism
  • Assessing employee satisfaction

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