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Newgen Employee Welfare Society (NEWS) was established in 1998, as an autonomous organization through which all employee welfare, recreational and wellness initiatives of the organization are run for the employees. NEWS was established to promote a culture of team-work and empowerment within the organization. All committees and activities of NEWS are run voluntarily by the employees. This is an important initiative to enhance mental wellness at the workplace.

NEWS promotes a culture of the following pillars:

  • Self-Help
  • Experiential Learning
  • Voluntary Participation
  • Collaboration
  • Efficiency in execution / delivery
  • Fun at work
  • Interdependence and personalized care.

NEWS was conceptualized to provide a platform for people to learn and grow and at the same time manage their own quality of life at the work place Participation in NEWS activities is a small step that helps employees’ growth towards managing activities completely on their own. It is an excellent way in which employees learn the benefits of teamwork, and working in a networked environment. Such small measures go a long way in preparing people for future challenges – to inculcate management skills and prepare them for bigger roles.

The NEWS committees were formed when we realized that our employees were motivated to engage themselves to create a healthy working environment for themselves. The feeling of empowerment and satisfaction that NEWS volunteers derive from their work is a testimony to this thought.

Through NEWS, several tournaments like Cricket, Table-Tennis, and Badminton etc are organized round the year. Newgen also participates in corporate tournaments like soccer and Cricket, where Newgen employees compete with players from other organizations. Such regular tournaments keep employees physically active and build team spirit among players.

NEWS also organizes regular health check-up camps in the organization, where employees can undergo a routine and complete physical check-up. NEWS has also organized blood donation camps in the past which give employees a chance to contribute towards society.

NEWS is active in celebrating festivals at an organizational level. Celebrations like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year etc helps employees share the spirit of the festival with each other and at the same time enjoy fun moments between hectic work schedules. These activities bring employees closer to each other.

There is another initiative run by NEWS – under the banner of Sadbhavna. Here employees get together to help children of Newgen class IV employees. This help is in varied ways – like helping with education, teaching them, spending time with them on week-ends, helping them learn new skills etc. It gives employees a chance to show their compassionate side, and also contribute to the society in a meaningful manner.

In addition to this, facilities like yoga and aerobics is available for employees within the office premises. A trained instructor is available who helps employees to do the correct exercises. Arrangements like carom-boards, chess-boards, TT tables, cricket kits etc are available for employees within the office premises. It helps them to unwind and de-stress during the course of the day.

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