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Self Evolution Program

A unique self evolution program designed as a training module is being used to develop leaders from the micro level. This program provides the knowledge of methods/strategies which when applied would enable them to engineer a positive self-change. It also consists of the knowledge of various self-awareness models. This enables the participants to understand his/her actions/responses/habits impartially. It provides an understanding of effective work habits like individual goal setting, problem solving and time management. The action plan empowers the participants in becoming aware of their strengths and weaknesses and put them on the path of continuous self-improvement. It also imparts an understanding of the terms “team” and “team work” and share points elucidating how to become a valuable team player.

SEP constitutes of the following 3 levels:
Level 1 – Managing Oneself
Level 2 – Managing Team: Environment and Co-Workers
Level3 – Contribution to the Organization

SEP is open to feedback & self-disclosure. It also provides an understanding of group dynamics & methods of conflict management/intra team issues and grievances.

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