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Social Commitments
With an objective to ensure a better future for the children of our support staff viz. drivers, housekeeping staff, electricians etc., we have started an initiative called Sadbhavna.
At Sadbhavna our mission is to assist educationally and economically deprived children in pursuing education in their areas of interest to as high a level as they desire and are capable of achieving. To be a part of Sadbhavna what one needs is Sadbhavna – a feeling of compassion, for the future of our country.
We believe that permanent change in the lives of children is possible only when we tackle the root causes, which continue to keep our children vulnerable. At Sadbhavna we focus on providing opportunities to encourage them towards building a better life.
In line with our holistic approach towards the welfare of children the Sadbhavna fund has made payment for their school textbooks and notebooks. A library facility has been started for the children with the objective of developing interest amongst them towards reading. The fund is further utilized to assist these children in achieving their potential through educational and training programs. Such programs may include tutoring, mentoring, job training and career-forming opportunities aimed at preparing youth for the future by providing them skills for future employment.
Volunteers (spouses of employees) have come forward to spend time with these children once a month; to identify their areas of interest and resolve issues that constrain them. It gives enormous pleasure to see the difference our little efforts can bring about in the lives of these innocent children who are a part of Sadbhavna.
A Brief Introduction

Sankalp– “A Commitment towards making society a more favorable place to live”

A small contribution can make big difference in one’s life and with this aim Newgen Sankalp was formed on 20th March 2010.

The team was formed with the great objective of helping the under privileged. Towards the objective, Newgen has also been a member of the NASSCOM Foundation.

Newgen employees as Volunteers took the responsibility and stood up with great commitment to contribute to the society. The Sankalp members makes a difference through volunteering in several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives which play an increasingly active role in today’s social arenas.

We support the activities of institutes and Non-Government organizations (NGOs) dedicated to healthcare, education and campaigns for community welfare.
Currently we are engaged in various projects to enhance the technical and soft skills of differently abled people. Post employment, such employees are also groomed by our Sankalp Volunteers in different skills, office etiquette and office jargons.

Volunteers of Newgen Sankalp have been involved in the following activities and initiatives in order to contribute their bit to the society:

  • Sadbhavna –  an NGO for children needing educational support. It is promoted by Newgen.
  • Visits to NGOs– Don Bosco Night Shelter Home for Boys, Ummeed Aman Ghar, Noida Deaf Society, Aanchal Charitable Trust, etc. and identifying their needs which we can fulfil (e.g., training material for NOIDA Deaf Society)
  • Donation Campaigns– Clothes, Toys, Books & stationery, etc.
  • Putting up stalls of NGOs at our premises in order to help them
  • Environmental Awareness Programs– Tree Plantation, Earth Hour, Quizes, Green Peace initiative, etc.
  • Employment Opportunity for Underprivileged– N.E.E.D (Newspaper for empowerment through employment and development).
  • Workshops and Conferences– Orientation Program for Volunteers, Disability of job Fair, Workshop on Valuing Volunteerism.
  • Clean-up drives– Participation in LDID (Let’s Do It Delhi) drive.

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