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NewGen takes regular initiatives to ensure the well-being of its employees and nurture the sense of belongingness.

To ensure that employees have a pleasant and relaxed working environment, with ample scope of fun at work, Newgen Employee Welfare Society was started. It regularly organizes recreational activities such as Sports Tournaments, Festival celebrations, Picnics, Team Exercises and other Project Release celebrations which promote the sense of well-being, harmony and contentment amongst its employees.

Newgen also has its own Women’s Forum, where the events are exclusively organized for the female cadre of the organization. The forum gives the platform to the women of the organization to share their concerns, indulge themselves into recreational activities and share their insights on the current issues of the society.

Regular Health Check-ups are also organized to ensure physical fitness of its employees.

Newgen also offers flexibly to its employees to Work From Home in case of any medical ailment. The policy is intended to prevent employees from any kind of inconvenience and discomfort.

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